Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance

Tutuhou Consulting provides Data Collation, Strategic Management and Business Analyst Services to the Whānau Ora Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance.
Developing a RMA wide process for collection of whānau data and development of whānau success indicators and outcome measures (Specialist Advisors, Project Team)

The purpose of the Business Analyst role is to undertake key duties including:

Collection of Data and Information

  • Construction of clear and measureable success indicators relevant for the RMA and Whānau
  • Data and information sources are analysized

Data and Information collection processes

  • Construction and implementation of relevant data and information process for effective analysis and reporting

Data and Information Analysis

  • Identified, presented and reported to the RMA board and partner organizations on existing and emerging trends, patterns, gaps and priorities (Environmental Scans and Market Analysis)
  • Gaps analysis in infrastructure, resources, and services are prioritized for development and used to build business cases for investment in transformative activities

Business Development and Growth

  • Developed business cases in line with RMA wide expectations including individual partner organizations expectations
  • Work undertaken to date has been effective and meets CEOs expectations
  • Workings have been in collaboration with internal kaimahi to create sustainable outcomes

Relationship Management

  • Working relationships have been strong and fully functioning
  • Awareness of the benefits of collecting data and analyzing data is achieved
  • RMA partner information about practice, change and impact

Externally (Whānau Stakeholders)

Whānau succeeding as whānau, who are healthy and happy, educated, socially and economically wealthy, resourceful, and prosperous. Recognized when;

  1. Whānau are successful and self-managing
  2. Whānau are positive, healthy and prosperous – Living life to their potential
  3. Whānau are skilled, educated, employed and financial secure
  4. Whānau are culturally connected, confident, and proud (Raukawa Maniapto, 2012)