Our Services

Māori Cultural Therapeutic Services

Development, delivery and analysis of programmes within a custodial environment that focuses on Māori wellbeing to rehabilitation and reintegration.

Tutuhou Consulting offers service provision for assessment and facilitation, engaging with correctional staff and Māori offenders. Under a referral based contract, Tutuhou Consulting conducts motivational based assessments against a prescribed set of deliverables within an agreed timeframe and budget, managing each individual referral to completion.

Tutuhou Consulting was previously involved in designing and facilitating cultural workshops for groups under the Bi-cultural Therapeutic Programme (BTM). Tutuhou Consulting has participated in contractual evaluations and reviews of assessment programme, drawing on Kaupapa Māori Methodologies including Te Whare Tapa Whā on behalf of Corrections.

Strengths and achievements:

  • Contract milestones are completed to the satisfaction of the Department within given timeframes and consistent with Departmental policies and practice standards
  • Undertaking a lead role in improving the quality in services and product(s)
  • Eight years Assessment Specialist experience demonstrating perseverance and commitment

Current Project: Specialist Māori Cultural Assessment (SMCA)

Strategic Management & Business Analyst Services

Collation and analysis of data and information, reporting and funding, business development.

Tutuhou Consulting delivers services on behalf of organisations that require the collation and analysis of whānau data and information for reporting and internal development purposes. A local Whānau Ora Collective approached Tutuhou Consulting to assist them in capturing critical information on the effectiveness of the Collective’s ability to deliver services to whānau.

Tutuhou Consulting contributes by:

  • Collating relevant organisational and whānau data for analysis and reporting for the RMA Board and Te Puni Kōkiri purposes
  • Undertaking gap analyses for Taumarunui Community Kōkiri Trust (TCKT); Ngāti Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust (NMMPT); and Raukawa Charitable Trust (RCT) to identify gaps in infrastructure, resourcing, and service provision, and prioritize key areas for organizational strengthening and resource development

Strengths and achievements:

  • Contract milestones are completed to the satisfaction of the Funder and the Collective within given timeframes and budget
  • Contributing to the improvement strategies for each Individual Provider
  • Monitoring and measuring the successful integration of the Collective’s Whānau Footprint Model

Current Project: Whānau Ora Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance

Research and Development Services

Evaluation and assessment of programmes including analysis of service delivery of Provider to appropriately design and deliver holistic services to better their clients.

Under a sub-contracting agreement with the Waikato Tainui Endowment College for Research and Development (the College), Tutuhou Consulting was involved project managing two Whānau Ora Action Research contracts to completion: Waikato-Tainui Te Ope Koiora Collective and Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance [comprising of 3 individual providers], each with tenure between 12-18 months. Tutuhou Consulting managed the working relationship between the Collectives engaging directly with individual C.E.Os and project leaders and the funder Te Puni Kōkiri, against set deliverables within an agreed timeframe and budget. Tutuhou Consulting undertook research in the form of conducting interviews, facilitating wānanga and distributing, collating and analyzing surveys.

Strengths and achievements:

  • Project deliverables were completed to the satisfaction of the College within given timeframes and consistent with College policies and best practice standards
  • Collective feedback indicates that research outputs and outcomes provide added value and contributes to the overall service delivery
  • Progress reporting, identifying risks through analysis – making recommendations for improvements and efficiencies

For 2015 Tutuhou Consulting is focused on supporting Waikato Tainui toward’s building the social and economic capacity of tribal members through financial literacy development by;

  • Gaining a practical understanding of the financial literacy landscape both nationally and internationally
  • Developing an understanding of existing financial literacy frameworks
  • Developing and implementing a practical financial literacy programme for tribal members of Waikato Tainui
    Doctoral Programme options are being explored in partnership with Massey University – Financial Education and Research Centre

Current Project: Māori Financial Literacy