Māori Financial Literacy

Tutuhou Consulting has been approached by Waikato Tainui to represent the Tribe on a programme offered through the Financial Education Centre – Massey University.

Facilitating Personal Financial Management

Waikato-Tainui and BNZ have joined forces to launch a series of initiatives designed to increase financial literacy to tribal members. BNZ have offered five scholarships for Waikato Tainui staff to attend Massey University’s Financial Literacy Facilitator Workshop, giving them the skills to become financial literacy trainers themselves and keep teaching the important life skills to Iwi members. (Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui Inc, 2014; information retrieved from www.waikatotainui.com)

Tutuhou Consulting is focused on supporting Waikato Tainui toward’s building the social and economic capacity of tribal members through financial literacy development by;

  • Gaining a practical understanding of the financial literacy landscape both nationally and internationally
  • Developing an understanding of existing financial literacy frameworks
  • Developing and implementing a practical financial literacy programme for tribal members of Waikato Tainui

Doctoral Programme options are being investigated with a programme of study plan through Massey University currently underway.