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Māori Cultural Therapeutic Services

Development, delivery and analysis of programmes within a custodial environment that focuses on Māori wellbeing to rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Strategic Management & Business Analyst Services

Collation and analysis of data and information, reporting and funding, strategic business development and relationship management.

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Research & Development Services

Evaluation and assessment of programmes including analysis of service delivery of Providers to appropriately design and deliver holistic services to better serve their clients.

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Current Projects

Tutuhou Consulting currently engages in projects and business activities comprising of cultural development, research and business analysis. Tutuhou Consulting is about adding value and is committed to supporting Organizations towards improving the quality of their service delivery, strengthening their strategic direction and contributing positively to the wellbeing of Māori communities including Whānau, Hapū and Iwi.

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Specialist Maori Cultural Assessment

Specialist Māori Cultural Assessment (SMCA) involves a Hui (discussion between an Offender and an Māori Cultural Assessor to identify and Offender’s Māori Cultural Strengths and needs...

Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance

Tutuhou Consulting provides Data Collation, Strategic Management and Business Analyst Services to the Whānau Ora Raukawa Maniapoto Alliance undertaking key duties comprising of...

Māori Financial Literacy with Waikato Tainui

Tutuhou Consulting has been approached by Waikato Tainui to represent the Tribe on a programme offered through the Financial Education Centre - Massey University...